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Auditions are open to all students of every major. We welcome students of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and abilities to audition.

The 39 Steps - 2012

The 39 Steps - 2012

Spring 2021

Cast lists:

Jayhawk Theatre of the Air (PDF)
Together Alone (PDF)

Production information:

Together Alone
A series of solo works - some pieces devised by students, some original works, written by a group of commissioned professional playwrights, who will write monologues specifically for this production.​ It is a deep dive into tragic, humorous, poignant, inspiring stories about isolation, human connection, and the inspiring individuals who have fought to change our world, told thru monologues, songs, comedy, and dance.
Directed by Markus Potter
Movement Direction by Darci Fulcher 
Musical Direction by Ryan McCall
Choreography by Waeli Wang
April 29, 30, May 1, 2, 2021
Casting 12-20 performers

Additional Information about Together Alone (PDF)
Jayhawk Theatre of the Air
4 script-in-hand readings of contemporary plays presented ‘radio-drama’ style with each actor in street clothes at their own socially distanced mic and/or participating remotely via videoconference.
Curated by Henry Bial
February 25, 2021: "Kingdom City" by Sheri Wilner, Directed by Henry Bial
March 9, 2021: Untitled play by Alysha Griffin, Directed by TBA
March 24, 2021: "March Madness" by Darren Canady, Directed by Alysha Griffin
April 14, 2021: "Goodnight, Tyler" by B.J. Tindal, Directed by Jenny Sledge

Jayhawk Theatre of the Air includes roles for up to 15 men, 14 women, and 2 either. The majority of roles require BIPOC actors. JTA will give opportunities to KU students first and add actors from outside of the department as needed.
Each production will be produced in three days: one rehearsal, one tech rehearsal, and one performance. 
For information on dance auditions visit UDC Auditions.

UT Auditions & Casting Policy (PDF)
UT Understudy Policy (PDF)

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