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A Man of No Importance


Becky Phelps headshot
Oona Crowe/Ensemble
Brandon Davidson headshot
Peter Sully/Policeman/Ensemble
Chelsea Pitts headshot
Maggie Grace/Ensemble
Christian Boudreaux headshot
Baldy O’Shea/Mate #1/New Driver
Garret Claude headshot
Carson/Breton Beret
Hannah Finch headshot
Frankie Donaghue/Bystander
Jake Gillespie headshot
William Carney/Mate #3
Jake Reitz headshot
Alfie Byrne
Jeremy Ragland headshot
Father Kenny/Rasher Flynn/Mate #2
Kaia Minter headshot
Lily Byrne
Maggie Puderbaugh headshot
Kitty Farelly/Customer
Noelle McDonald headshot
Adele Rice
Paul-MIchael Johnson headshot
Ernie Lally/Oscar Wilde/Ensemble
Sarah Stowell headshot
Mrs. Patrick/Ensemble , Choreographer

Creative Team

Stage Manager
Gabrielle Smith headshot
Jenny Sledge headshot
Joseph Carr headshot
Voice & Dialect Coach
Lusie Cuskey headshot
Mark Reaney headshot
Scenic Designer
Ryan McCall headshot
Musical Director, Conductor
Taylor Zimmerman headshot
Lighting & Costurme Designer

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